Mount Zion – The Ultimate Power [Full Movie]

Download The Ultimate Power by Mount Zion [Full Movie]

Movie Title: The Ultimate Power

Mount Zion – Apoti Eri [Full Movie]

Watch Time: 6:00:00

[Full Movie] Mount Zion – Just A Little Sin

Produced by: Mount Zion Ministries

Description: The Movies tell the Story of a Village who has been in bondage of their chief priest Isawuru. Isawuru happens to be the troubler of the village due to the agreement he had with the witches when seeking for more spiritual powers. He affilicts the village with incurable diseases so as to make money and game from them. Isawuru’s grip is destroyed over the village as the Obident missionary of God obeys. The first missionary who God ordained the work too, who disobeyed because of earthly things now comes to the village to village from the city to Resides as Isawuru and the Obident missionary travels all over the World to preach the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Mount Zion – The Ultimate Power [Full Movie]

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Download Part 2 Full Movie


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