Mount Zion – The Fruitless Tree [Full Movie]

Download The Fruitless Tree by Mount Zion [Full Movie]


Movie Title: The Fruitless Tree

Watch Time: 1:57:12

Produced by: Mount Zion Ministries

Description: The Movies tell the Story of a Man who has been Jobless for a very long time, Who has been searching for a job but couldn’t find One. This Man with his certificate and everything tried his possible best but none seems to workout for him. He cried unto God who in his Infinite Mercy Provided a very Good and Lucrative Job for him in the house of a very Wealthy Family. This Man later discovered that this Family with their Riches and everything they were passing through lot of Problems. This Man had the power to help this Helpless family but refused which led to the death of their daughter, Thereby Incurring the Wrath of God upon him, because he is a Fruitless Tree.

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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