Mount Zion – Apoti Eri [Full Movie]

Download Apoti Eri by Mount Zion [Full Movie]


Movie Title: Apoti Eri

Watch Time: 1:32:42

[Full Movie] Mount Zion – Just A Little Sin

Produced by: Mount Zion Ministries

Description: A Yoruba Movie Fully Subtitled in English. The Movies tell the Story of a Kingdom who are fully worshipping idols. The King of this Village is at the verge of dying due to the sickness he had. And the only solution to this Sickness is to perform a Ritual which involves the sharing of human blood. They later found the person who they were to use and it was a Young boy they were to use for the ritual. The Young who was a True Born Again Child of God prayed for the Healing of the King who was healed by God. It was Later discovered that this boy is a Grand Child of the King.



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