How to Create a WhatsApp Group

We are in a World whereby without been digital you are just like an outcast. For example someone isĀ  to go out for an interview as the person went out for the interview, a test given to them was to type an essay of 500 Words, and you are a computer illiterate what do you expect to cone out of it? Nothing good of course that’s why we are to be digital.

Almost everyone are on WhatsApp, infact if someone does not have a WhatsApp Account the person is just like an outcast because the person will look odd in the midst of everyone who are displaying their digital skills.

WhatsApp have tried their possible best to connect people to each worldwide by just having the other party’s Mobile Phone number.

WhatsApp also took anoda step to try connecting People via Group Chat, by just joining group either by been added by someone or by just using the group invitation link. Now here comes the big question

How to create a WhatsApp group.

Before creating a WhatsApp group you must first purchase the following requirements

  • Purpose of the Group
  • Name of the Group
  • Logo
  • A user to add along

If you have the Requirements above you are good to go. Follow the steps below to find out how to create a WhatsApp group.

  1. Open your WhatsApp app and locate the 3 dots at the top right corner your WhatsApp app
  2. Click Create a WhatsApp group
  3. Follow the steps and select someone u wishes to add to the group
  4. Name the group
  5. Edit the logo
  6. Share group invitation link to friends
  7. Or manually add people to the group as the Admin of your newly created group. Only you can do this except if you want to make others the Admin of your group.

By following the abovs steis you should be able to create a WhatsApp group without stress

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