What is WordPress

The Name WordPress is always ringing, like I mean it’s very popular everyone is talking about it, that it’s  best but what is actually this WordPress?

In this Article you will understand the full meaning of WordPress and also why it is so popular.

Firstly WordPress is CMS that is built for users to access the backend of their site for editing.

Who developed WordPress

This is the Question that comes to Your mind and everyone wants to know the brain power or the person behind this world most popular and also world best CMS in the world.

WordPress CMS was developed by the WordPress.org theme not just a person but group of people combined themselves and gave ideas to make up this world best CMS today.

Is WordPress CMS Really Worth it?

It’s not a bad thing if you are thinking of this in your mind because that’s the first impression that actually comes to anyone mind who doesn’t know about WordPress.

Yes WordPress really Worth it because it’s the best CMS in the World and not only that, It has many features that other CMS doesn’t have.

Now let’s take a look at the Properties and Advantages of WordPress CMS.

  1. WordPress CMS is the most popular CMS in the World right now
  2. It’s considered as the best CMS in the world.
  3. It is considered as the unbeatable CMS you can find out there
  4. The rate at which people are switching is unbelievable
  5. It is very fast
  6. It is very Reliable
  7. It has a good and great UI
  8. It has good UX.
  9. It’s user Friendly and also mobile and PC Responsive
  10. It is Secured


Successfully you have learnt and understand the meaning of WordPress and also the Advantages of WordPress, So you are free to use WordPress now as it’s the best.




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